Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Best place for Lunch in Gilbert (Thai Food)

We are proud to present our new lunch concept at Jasmine Café.

A new way to enjoy traditional authentic Thai Food.

We want our customer to have a selections, quality and great value .

You will first giving a picture Menu with 10 dishes to choice from
You choice the Meat (Chicken .Pork, Beef or Tofu)sea food will be extra.
Then you decide what sauce you want it to be cook with .and how you want it to be done the way you like.
And while your dishes is being prepared by our chef

You can go ahead and enjoy all you like to eat Buffet table fill with

Soup of the day
Fried Rice
Jasmine rice
Stir fried noodle
Curry of the day

All that for $6.95

Let’s do Lunch soon at New Jasmine Café , Gilbert


Anonymous said...

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Jenifer said...

I love Thai food ..

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